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subject.... [27 Sep 2004|10:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Ok, so since this is officially my coding journal now.. here's a bunch of letters to see how codes look.
aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa
swwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

this is kind of fun


okay, i'm done

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tonight [25 Sep 2004|04:06am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Started off awesome, went to Carolyn's surprise birthday party, that was actually pretty fun. Different from most parties..but it was cool. There were like..12 of us, and ahh my feet are so cut up. I'll pos pictures of the party tomorrow. After it I went to the peoples house that me and Lindsay were babysitting at, they didn't get home till 3...grrr. We decided to sneak out, so once we finally got home we got ready and Lindsay piggybacked me for like, forever. We were too afraid to take the walker. We get there, and Aaron's like, you guys were too slow, we're leaving. UGH!!! I was so fucking pissed. So, I just made popcorn chicken..and..yeah.

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aahh [24 Sep 2004|11:37am]
[ mood | blank ]

I seriously suck at updating. I've been working on my webpage, it's...not pretty yet :( IT SHOULD BE, DAMNIT!! Lol,anyways. Soccer in PE is the coolest thing ever, I'm trying out for the team...eek. My mom was freakishly pissy yesterday..grr man. She can be crazy. I'm getting a new digital camera after school today, since mine is the most ghetto thing I've ever seen. Tonight is Carolyn's surprise birthday party too, so that should be fun. Then I have to babysit till like 2 am..bleh. It's money though.

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boo [21 Sep 2004|02:40pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Sitting in class..boringness man. We've been getting progress reports this week..mine are actually good, woop. Well,except math, but math can kiss my ass..and like it. Nate was in my group in spanish, he's awesome, lol, completey clueless, which is amusing. Okay, I need a new guy. I seriously keep thinking about Dan..and I shouldn't bc..just bc. Nothing will ever happen there. So, any suggestions? lol. Please, do my sanity a favor.

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tay [19 Sep 2004|01:01pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

My weekend..oh yes,get excited. Friday night I went to the movies with Meredith and Casey, that was quite fun. There were a bunch of CAC people there too. We saw Wimbledon,which was really cute, but really predictable. I kleptoed like 6 handfuls of Meredith's popcorn while she was gone and hid it in my sweatshirt pocket thing,muhaha. I was caught though. After the movie we walked to Blockbuster and I saw Dan Hitz. We talked for a little bit, which was kind of embarrassing bc I was wearing my Scapegoat hoodie. He told me to tell Dan(Royer,lol) that he was a girl..not sure why, I forgot to do that though. I considered calling him and begging for a free pizza, but decided against it. When I got home Jess picked me up and we got some food from Wendy's. LIndsey called and invited us to a party up at UNCC, so, I asked my mom if I could spend the night at Jess's(12 o clock curfews a bitch) she actually didn't argue about it, I was surprised. So, we went to Jess's, unbeastified ourselves, and us 3 went to UNCC. Wow, we got lost on this dead end road, me and Lindsey were freaking out and pretty sure some man was going to pop out of the bushes and kill us all. But, we got there, after getting lost a few times and stoplights always skipping us. It was cool, but me and Jess went outside to bum cigarettes off people, it's a good way to get them to talk,haha. So, we went to a few other apartments too. Saturday we picked up Tamra and met Danny at the mall. That boy has far too much money for his own good. Every store we went to he bought all this shit he'll never need. Jess was tired, so she dropped me off after the mall, and I went BACK to the mall w Lindsay and Julia for Lindsay to get her Glamour Shots. Me and Julia went to eat and stopped in at Journeys...Brad's moving..nooo!!! Who am I going to harrass now??? He gave me his email and phone number though, so I'll be seeing him and talking to him. Brandon's the new frolicker, he works at Auntie Annes and Journeys, he gave us free pretzels last night..woo. And we trained him to frolick, he wasn't that bad actually. Tim,Mikey,Harrison,and Matt were at the mall, when we saw them first they were asses, then when I left Tim's like "I need a hug"..they're weird. When I got home Jess picked me up again and we drove downtown to see the blue lights on Bank of America, and just drove some. Saw Tim,Mikey,and Harrison for a little bit, then just came home. Now, I'm sitting here in my cheer uniform..it's itchy. We have the exhibition for Hope Stout today, can't decide if we're going to suck horribly or not.

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ok [16 Sep 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My life's too boring to update this thing,lol. Yesterday I tried for forever to make graphic for my webpage, ahh. It took forever, and I'm still not happy with it. Last night cheerleading actually went well, we did two fullouts,and didn't screw everything up. Get uniforms today. Now I'm sitting in Bible..the teachers praying,I'm a bad person for typing,lol.

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moo [14 Sep 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Definitely been an update slacker. After Jess's shower on Sunday we layed around her room for a few hours, listening to random old songs and looking through pictures and notes and stuff from awhile ago, it was pretty fun. I had cheerleading Sunday and Monday night. The Spirit of Hope exhibition is on Sunday,so we have to get our routine finished up. Who knows how we're going to do. This is like the test week..ahh! Today I had math and bible, tomorrows spanish and art,and Thurs is chemistry and english.GRR. Oh well. I need to stop liking Dan, it's bugging me. Even Laura telling me today about some girl he fucked like a month ago made me sad, which is quite pathetic,especially since he's not the only one I've "done stuff" with recently either. We'll never be a "couple", I don't even know if he likes me..but I like him alot :(

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hehehe [10 Sep 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm in Spanish..and our teacher definitely forgot about us. The guidance counselor/teacher was subbing, and she's not here, so we're all chilling. hehe,fun!!

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grr [10 Sep 2004|11:50am]
[ mood | nervous ]

Last night me and Jess went to Krispy Kream and Walmart,woopwoop,lol. Siting here during lunch on my laptop, they said AIM was blocked,but I'm on,muhaha. Harrison freaking told Mike that Danny was stopping by so Mike won't come anymore, which kinda ruins everything. Now it'll just be me,Jess,Dan,and whoever stops by, so iunno if it'll work out now. Shittt man. Me,Meredith,my mom,and sister are having my mini-birthday party tonight. Going to the mall and out to Monterrey to eat. Monterreys quite yummy. I'm excited Meredith's coming, I've missed my Dinosaur greatly.

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this is fun [09 Sep 2004|02:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Haha, we got laptops at school today, so I'm definitely sitting here in class typing. It's the one where I help out the teacher..and she's never here, it's weird. Mikey and Jess called while I was at school, glad I put my phone on silent. Mike wants me to call Dan,have him buy Mike weed,then have Mike pay later...riiight. I can't even call Dan under normal circumstances. Jess said Danny wants to come on Saturday night, that'll work nicely =/. Lol, won't affect me..but her and Mikey.eek. Okay I go now

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oogie [07 Sep 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Yesterday I had to go out to lunch w/ my cousins. It was cool, but..early. I sat around the rest of the day, not cool man. Today I was all sickly and stayed home. Pulled a Dan and slept till 4, that was kind of fun. Me and Nicole got in a fight, that lasted all of 5 minutes, kind of funny now. I have to get off the computer now..stupid new 11 o clock rule..grr on it. In a chat plotting my birthday night w Mikey and Jess..should be interesting. Hopefully Dan's normal for once and shows up,lol.

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wasabi [05 Sep 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Last night was,interesting. My mom dropped me and Nicole off at WalMart and Mikey and Tim came like 20 min later to get us. We went to Laura's, then to Treys. I had to give MIke $15 to drive us to Trey's so he could buy us alcohol, but guess who wasn't home?? Ugh, wasted that money. Laura did climb in the window though,haha,which was amusing. We went to Matthews Alive to meet Jess and Amanda, and wow, I defintily crashed. And fell on my hand,it huurrttss. I couldn't bend my pinky for like 2 hours, and its still all sore and shit. We decided not to go to Matthews Alive after that, which I guess was my fault, but i told them I could walk!! Mike dropped me,Nicole,and Laura off at Taco Bell and we ate, called Dan, he's a freak. He was supposed to get off work at 10,but got off at 8, and felt no need to call us and tell us that,lol. So, he came from his house to pick us up,and we went to Jess's. I was supposed to get some alcohol,but we had to get a pizza to Kit, and Jess said no since we weren't hanging out. We stayed for like 20 min,I took a shot,we left. Sat around at Dan's for awhile, Bobby,Ryan,some other guy,Megan,and some other girl came over. Kit was "nice" to them,lol. I slept in Dan's room,wow,that place is freaking crazy. It's like, a highup kinda mattress in the middle of the floor, with everything imaginable on the floor around it. Literally, there is no floor visible, and the piles of shit are higher than the mattress. AND, it's the smallest freaking mattress I've seen in my life. I definitely got like 2 hours of sleep..couldn't get comfortable,there was noo room. Same shit happened that always does with us, didn't think it would this time. So, I'm all confused again, damnit. He had to go to a party thing w his dad at 10, so he left, i couldn't sleep and chilled w/ Laura and Nicole, who were already up for unknown reasons. Kit got up and took Heather home and chilled w us. He played guitar, and made jokes about me and Dan..eek. Apparently I'm "a bad bad girl" since I slept in his room, although Kit knows of nothing that went on, him and his damn assumptions. lol. Laura saying "well he's a scratcher and a biter" definitely helped nothing. It was funny though. Dan's sense of time is freakishly off, so I was all late getting home. We stopped by Joel's but he wasn't home, grr on princess. Tim just called me, THERE'S A LLAMA AT MATTHEWS ALIVE!! Oh shit, wish I could go.

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hooleerrr [04 Sep 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Last night was pretty boring. Me,Jess,and Harrison went to Chili's and sat around all bored at her house till Mikey got off work. We chilled w him,but by the time Tim got off work and came over, I had to go home like 5 min later, which sucked. Dan called while I was there though. So tonight me and Nicole are getting picked up from the Arboretum after he gets off work and chilling w him,and staying at him and Kit's. Should be fun. I talked to Mooch alot, wanted to see him tonight, but I think Laura's getting some alcohol and we're having a big "family bonding night" in her words at Kit and Dan's, that'll be fun too.

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bored [03 Sep 2004|02:49am]
Wow, there's nothing to do. Yeah, someone make me stop doing those stupid lj communities. I have no life. New layout..The Hero Drowns theme..it's a song..yeah. Ahh!
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forgot [02 Sep 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Didn't update yesterday, shame on myself, oh well, nothing fun happened. I definitely went lj community crazy again, I'm addicted to the applications or something, although it really is a gay concept in the first place. Besides that, I didn't really do anything yesterday. Jess and Harry came and we went to Jess's house and watched Casper. Wow, Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa used to look so old when I watched that movie, they looked reallyyyy young last night. I grew up, I grew up! I put off getting out of bed for like an hour this morning..what can I say, I'm lazy. Scapegoat guestbook cancer has been denounced yet again, poop on Whoppy. As for me stopping the cancer..who knows. Maybe for like a day, but I doubt it'll last. Corrupting that guestbook is too damn fun.

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woop [31 Aug 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

No school till next Tuesday, this makes The Susan happy. School today was okay,it didn't go by as slowly as I thought it would. I've decided Nate is the blondest guy I know, he's soo funny though. Poor clueless ex-homeschooler. I had to test freaking 5 boxes of markers for my art teacher to see if they worked..grrr. Jess called me at like 12,so I called her back..a few times..but noo. She didn't pick up..which kind of pisses me off,but whatever. Me and Nicole had interesting convos w/ Dylan and Joel,haha, oh how I love Joel. Sat at home the rest of the night..blah. Me and Lindsay had an,interesting night. Ended in boobie fights,random drawings on me,and shower time reading. It was funny. I went community crazy, did like 3 applications, they randomly amuse me. I wanna go somewhere tomorrow night, so Princess better call me.

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shleepy [30 Aug 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today was otay, had to walk again..ahh. Not very fun. Got a 100 on my Spanish quiz, I'm officially the greatest person ever in the world. I was thinking about quitting cheerleading, but theres no way that I can now. Stoney quit tonight, and we're down to 15, so I'm actually doing alot of shit now. It was tiring...but more fun than usual. I'm all stunting and forward rolling, go Susie go! Ok, I'm kinda tired..

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and illlllll be [28 Aug 2004|12:59am]
[ mood | happy ]

yeah,listening to the song. School was okay, got a 73 on a math quiz..eek. Harrison and Jess brought me lunch and chilled, that officially rocked. Tonight was Scapegoat..yay! Didn't have to pay either, I was Duck's(boucer there) "date." yay for freeness. Met some guy named Gabe, he was..friendly. And some weird kid would like, come up to me,stare, and walk away. Like, right up in my face, it was...weird. Kit actually gave me a real hug for once, they're usually..eh, you know how fake hugs go. And a big kiss on the cheek,haha,literally, big. What a weirdo. Yelled at Machen for screaming in front of my apartment that night, he played all innocent. Oh, and I harrassed Joel alot, which is always great. The show was good, crowd was all into it. My ankle hurts like a mofo though man..ouch. Talked to Dan's dad for a minute after the show, I love him,lol. Dan drove me and Nicole home..we got lost, like five times, in the ghetto. My walker definitely kept violating my leg..more ouch.

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im hungry [26 Aug 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Last night cheerleading was..boring. I talked to Ashleigh most of the time, and got her in trouble, since i was stranded in my wheelchair not doing anything..grr. Came home and got online for a little, talked to Joel, that was somewhat amusing. The glorious cake was chocolate..what a weird kid. Today school was okay, people in Bible were actually somewhat normal. I still hate having to get pushed in my wheelchair everywhere, damn the leg brace. Nate ran me into a door, and couldn't get unstuck, he's smooth like me. I got to leave an hour early..yay. I have student services(go help a teacher) last period(it sucks) but anyways, my teacher isnt there that period, so I just go in and do whatever she left for me..but I'd be stuck there and couldnt leave since im in the wheelchair..so I got to go home. Yeah,that wasn't worth explaining. Did some of my chem report when I got home..DIE CHEMISTRY DIE!!! Yeah..now I'm waiting on Jess's extreme slowness to get here. I convinced my mom to let me go out tonight...shiggity.

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gr [25 Aug 2004|04:20pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Updated yesterday, but the stup thing wouldnt post..so yeah. My hip is fucked up and I had to use my massive leg brace and wheelchair at school today, not fun. If I have to get surgery I'm going to bite my gym teacher..it's all his fault..grar! Tonight at cheer I just sit there again..fun. I don't really feel like typing. Yesterday was a detailed update too...poop on my computer.

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